CHYPPS Community Sector Resource Survey

As part of our contribution to the Children’s Trust ‘Children and Young People’s Plan 2010 – 2013’ we are trying to establish how much resource the Third Sector brings to services for Children and Young People in Waltham Forest. In particular we are looking to know about funding that you receive from the Local Authority as well as external funding and how many volunteering hours your organisation use.

No organisations information will be used individually, but rather collated to give a picture of the enormous contribution that Third Sector organisations bring to Waltham Forest. This helps us to shout loudly about the good that we are doing, and provides hard facts that the council and its partners cannot ignore.

Please take a few minutes to list the projects that your organisation is currently involved in. We are wanting to take a ‘snapshot’ view, so please talk about funding that you are currently working with, even if it is due to run out soon. In the same way do not list funding that you are yet to receive.

Every organisation that completes and returns a survey will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a Flip Camera worth £119.99. (see

We look forward to receiving your completed survey*. If you have any difficulty completing the survey or would like to know more about the CHYPPS network, please don’t hesitate to contact Barbara Bishop at the Voluntary Action office.

Yours sincerely

Matt Perry

* Those groups that have already completed the survey we would be grateful if you could complete the section on funding received from the Council and any changes to external funding since then.

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